Ten great songs

Because I too can write a clickbait-style post.

This one might actually have been worth clicking on though. If you like music. You do like music, don’t you? I tried to pick lesser known artists for this list. So, enjoy something new:

This works better if you subscribe to Spotify. If you don’t you can still listen but at lower quality and with ads. But don’t be cheap, go subscribe! I swear I’m not getting a commission. You’re going to find so much more new music this way too.

Also works better on some good speakers. Like these:

JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor speakers

Also sadly not getting a commission on these. But if you’re used to crappy speakers then you’re in for a treat listening to your music with these. You’ll hear parts of your favorite songs that simply weren’t there before. Don’t forget, these are sold individually and you’ll also need a USB audio interface and TS cables if you want to hook them up to a computer. Actually, just read this “How To: Upgrade to Studio Monitor Speakers” guide from a dude I went to school with. Speaker stands are useful too as these take up a lot of desk space otherwise. Not a cheap setup, but worth every penny.