Ten great songs

Are you suffering from a distinct lack of great new tunes lately?

Let me fix that right up for you:

Special thanks to some of the rad folks I work with at Retro for introducing me to some of these artists.

This works better if you subscribe to Spotify¬†(unless you love listening to ads and lower quality streams). But don’t be cheap, go subscribe! I swear I’m not getting a commission. You’re going to find so much more new music this way too. And don’t forget to turn on the high quality streaming option!

Also works better on some good speakers. Like these:

JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor speakers

Also sadly not getting a commission on these. But if you’re used to crappy speakers then you’re in for a treat listening to your music with these. You’ll hear parts of your favorite songs that simply weren’t there before. Don’t forget, these are sold individually and you’ll also need a USB audio interface and TS cables if you want to hook them up to a computer. Actually, just read this “How To: Upgrade to Studio Monitor Speakers” guide from a dude I went to school with. Speaker stands are useful too as these take up a lot of desk space otherwise. Not a cheap setup, but worth every penny.


Here’s a great option for a living room/home theater setup (you’ll need to buy a receiver/amplifier though if you don’t already have one). Now on sale for half off!

KEF Q100 Bookshelf Loudspeakers


What about a headphone option so you can hear more details? Try getting a decent pair like Yamaha HPH-MT8 and then a dac/amp combo like the Schiit Fulla 2, amazing how much of an improvement that makes for $99.

Happy listening!